Does everyone have magick in them?

I have always been fasinated by witchcraft and longing for spirituality. I feel something strong inside me, I can’t explain what it is but, i know this, it keeps me longing for something. I also need to be healed emotionally in my life. I have such a good heart and want to help others. I want to feel good about myself and instill that in my kids and others. To be able to feel alive and beautiful. I need confidence in myself. I feel i have so much inside of me that i can help others. I need to feel the void in my life and somehow it draws me to witchcraft and spirituality. I somehow feel connected to the moon it fasinates me. I have been researching websites on witchcraft for sometime now but, this is the only site that i have responded to. Just maybe you have answers for me. can you answer me this can anyone make magick happen, does everyone have a little bit of magick in them. help

Greetings! From your email, I can see that you are a kind, caring, compassionate person. You are drawn to witchcraft because that is what you seem to be yearning. The passion to help others is not found in everyone, you see. Most people are concerned with their own happiness and future. However, I can see that you are very close to your soul, you are guided by the spirit within. As witches, we are constantly asked to guide and help others. To do that, we have to be grounded. This means that we have to be self-confident, assured and able to convince others of their magickal potential. Everyone is born with magickal powers. Some people believe that prodigy is a form of memory from previous lives. Similarly, those who have more experience in the spiritual realm will be drawn towards it. It looks like that is what is happening in your case. As you have mentioned, your yearning to know more about magick is directing you to the next phase in life. Set forth bravely, find out more about witchcraft, learn about herbs and potions that will help heal yourself, your family and your extended family which includes everyone on this planet and beyond. Not many people can be that broad-minded, but you seem to be a extremely aware of your spiritual powers. Although you do not need me to say it, I will repeat, you are as powerful as the rest of us witches. You just need to believe in yourself, practice witchcraft and learn to make your mind stronger and more focused through meditation, rituals and by learning more about the Craft everyday. Soon you will be advising others and initiating them into witchcraft. Hope this helps you on your journey to self-realization. Brightest Blessings!

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