Does magic exist?

Hi^_^ I have been reading a lot about magick and spells and what they’re capable of and lots of them point to supernatural abilities like controlling the weather,looking into the future and lots more. I am interested in knowing a little information. Like, would it be possible to learn pyrokinesis and find out a way to incorporate it into martial arts? I’m still a beginner, but i havde all these questions that i would love to have an answer to and if anyone could help me it would be most appreciated.

Hello there dear, One of the questions that I am most often asked is simply, %u201CDoes magic really exist %u2013 and if so, then how can I go about learning to do it?%u201D Well, my short answer to this is, %u201CYes, in my opinion, magic does really exist %u2013 and like anything else worth doing, you learn through lots of practice and hard work.%u201D Now let me go ahead and elaborate and explain a bit more. To me, magic is simply a term attached to tapping into previously forgotten or unlearned human potential. I believe that there was a time when many more goodly people were able to perform feats that would typically be referred to in common vernacular as %u201Cmagic%u201D %u2013 but, unfortunately, over the centuries as science and logic and so called rational thought came into ascendance, what had been learned slowly became unlearned. The old ways were abandoned and forgotten in the relentless pursuit of what was the equivalent of the next big fad. This, of course, happened for a variety of reasons. For some it was simple lack of practice and willpower. For others it was that they had never developed the gifts in the first place. And for yet others, there was the forceful conversion from the wise crafts to the more socially acceptable modes of science and logic %u2013 and it is only in recent times that the bigotry has subsided enough to allow practitioners to once again be open with their art%u2026 at least in the majority of the western world. As to how to learn to do it, well, the majority of it is about self discipline and willpower. It is amazing what the human will is capable of once we learn how to focus and hone it. But, again, learning this is not a quick or easy process. It takes time and effort%u2026 and is certainly not for people looking for instant gratification or overnight results. For those interested in learning proper techniques for focusing their will and practicing magics, I would suggest a trip to either a good bookstore that caters to such%u2026 or even just a brief sojourn to the local library. Study is the start%u2026 and practice does, indeed, make perfect.

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  1. Ananael Qaa says:

    If you’re looking to integrate magick into martial arts, in my experience the best place to start is with Qigong (or Chi Gung, or however you transliterate it). There are various exercises that allow you to build up Qi (Chi) of a specific element, so you could start practicing the appropriate exercises to increase the Fire element in your body and go from there. Franz Bardon’s Initiation Into Hermetics addresses this idea from a more Western perspective dealing with the four Western elements rather than the Chinese five-element system, which is what you will find in Qigong.

    Conjuring fire is a very advanced technique, and I’ll second Rose’s comment about it taking a lot of willpower and many years of dedicated practice, not to mention natural talent. Fortunately, some of the effects of the practice are more immediate and useful, such as learning to warm yourself up in cold weather.

  2. carly says:

    I am very interested in magic and what it can do. Does it exist? I believe it does but I was wondering what it can do, is it like witches and wizards? Do you recite spells and chants. Or is it just in your mind?

  3. the art of war…

    …He wrote that . . ….

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