Does the Bible say that witchcraft is evil?

ok well i was wondering is witch craft against god cause i always thought there is like healing power in order to help ppl… i dont think if ppl had powers and wanted to heal ppl that did not come from the devil and were in the bible dose it even say that cause like before god was evean around peoplea all over the world practised healing and had there own spirtul belif but if that is true if god wasent around then the devil wasent… like people from africa did like cermonyies and some became like posssed but in a good way and had the power to heal

It is obvious from the wording of your question that you have trouble believing a God of love, as most Christians believe God to be, would have a problem with witchcraft and other religions used for healing purposes.

Unfortunately, I cannot answer the real question you are asking…Does the Christian version of God forbid witchcraft somewhere in the Bible? Yes, in some versions of the Bible, it specifically states that God hates those who practice witchcraft. However, a great many people have been able to balance their Christianity and their belief, association with or trust in witch craft.

Why? Because they, like you, defined God as loving Father who would not punish His children who sought to do good. Other equally good people believe that all witchcraft is wrong. Usually the people who believe all witchcraft is wrong do not really understand the religion on the practice of witchcraft. They believe the things they read in fiction novels and the things they see in movies.

I cannot tell you who is right. I can only tell you that those who I know who practice the Craft and are faithful to the tenets believe in almost all the same things that Christ taught–to care for people who need help, to love your neighbor, and to not harm anyone.

Witchcraft is not evil, but some versions of the Bible do specifically forbid it. What you feel about it is a personal spiritual decision that you must make for yourself. Personally, I recommend reading the Bible and books about witchcraft and making a decision for yourself.

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  1. Johnson says:

    I need to know more about withchcraft

  2. Darwin says:

    P.S. The bible says satan does have healing and miracle powers and will use them or give them to people to use, the key being so praise goes to doer instead of GOD. Satan has always wanted to be GOD so he imitates HIM in all he does. A person who does miracles in GODs (JESUS) name are doing it in HIS power. So we know whether it’s of GOD by how people talk. One of the main signs people are of the evil one is doing healings, you may say why? Because people will say how can healing be bad? Thats the whole point if people said My power is to make people sick then no one would be fooled, get it?

  3. Chris Howard says:

    I have been through alot recently and praticed witchcraft as a kid. The lord jesus told us all is possible thru prayer and faith. I have witness this. Remember from the book of exodus that the devil can imitate anything the lord does. We must not let ourselves get confused between what the devil gives and what the lord gives.

  4. paola says:

    i hate that people have the nerve to tell anyone who practices wicca or witchcraft is evil. as if *they* were the god they believe in. are these people evil? I DONT THINK SO. freaking christians.

  5. Dave. says:

    It’s amazing to me how many people believe that witchcraft or wicca is not evil. Any wiccan that says that wicca is not evil clearly has not been deep enough into it. I’ve practiced wicca enough to know that the deeper you get into it the darker it gets. The bible clearly says to stay away from it. But I wanted to know why. Christians will tell you that its evil because the bible says it is. That’s because if its not OF God, its FROM God. That’s why its evil. Wiccans think they are drawing power from plants and animal life. That’s just not the truth. Either wiccans are blind or they have clearly been lied to. Please if you don’t believe me see for yourself. But I’d rather you take my word for it.

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