Does the three-fold rule apply in everyday life?

Hi Rose I have anger management problems and sometimes find I get angry and act on inpulse and can hurt other people. I know I should try not to hurt other people but often find it hard to control my anger. What I relly want to know is if hurting people, in everyday life, without magick would affect the three-fold law and send the hurt back to me? Thanks Meg

Merry Meet Meg, I am happy to hear you admit that you have anger management problems. It is a wise person who realizes that it is time to deal with anger management issues. Since you have come to the conclusion, I hope you are slowly changing the way you think and react. As for the question you have asked, yes is the answer. Does that surprise you? The Universe doesn’t work in mysterious ways. What you put in you get out of it. So if you put good energy into it, you get good energy back. Similar to the three-fold-rule, right? Most of us have issues that we are dealing with. That is what we came to the Earth for. To go through some of these experiences on Earth. Emotions are good unless we hurt others with it. What you can do is to sit down alone or with a friend and find out what makes you angry. It is the fact that you are jealous or someone or you think that they have an easier life than you? Or you may think that your parents are soft on them while they give you a hard time (comparison). In any case, the only way you will get rid of this anger is by digging deep into the source of this anger. It may have been years since the root cause had happened, but we seem to be frozen in time, re-acting the same way we have always done even though the scene and the actors have grown up or changed. If you feel frustrateda about something or someone, do talk to a trusted friend or counselor and try to even out all the kinks in your relationships. Make them work. Try hard to get everyone together and have an intervention if you need to, but do something to manage your frustrations. Always remember that life looks easy from the other side of the river. Only when you live it, you will know the challenges and disappointments of other peope’s lives. Hope this gives you a fresh perspective on how to live your beautiful life without hurting anyone else. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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  1. Teresa says:

    Can you send me a little magic, my son has been in prison, he has issues with his temper. I have tried everything to support him, but problem is, he thinks after he has done it. He can not drink and although he wont drink all the time, he will drink a lot when he does finally go out which could lead to a fight. He hates disipline. We offered to pay for training for him, but he must prove to us for 3 months that he will keep his head down, he feels that is unreasonable and can be quite damming. I ask you if you would offer advice.

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