Does you spell work in all countries?

hi dis is prince….i belong 2 india….jus wn2 kno… do the spells uve mentioned work in a country where english is just used 4 communication n not spoken normally?? pls reply…. big fan o urs

Merry meet Prince,
It is good to hear from you. Indian way of life has a whole lot of similarities with the practitioners of Wicca. Hinduism is one of the oldest of pagan cultures. In addition, the Vedic sutras and mantras are very useful even to this day. As the entire world is ruled by the Universe, it doesn’t really matter what language is spoken.
In a world with many thousands of languages and dialects, it is amazing to know that all of our speech, our work and all other things are benefits of the Universe. Regardless of the fact that many civilizations have flourished and perished in these lands, life goes on.
Spells are magickal ways or pushing our intentions into the Universe. Regardless of the language, a spell is cast from the heart, not from the mouth or any other senses. Our five senses actually cause a barrier to our life. However, in Wicca, as in Hinduisum, these senses are enabled and taken advantage of when we wish to do so. For example, we can sit by a mountain side or by a river to cast a spell. This is a spell which does not use any sense objects other than the energy of Nature.
However, at times, we may use incense or essential oil when we feel that these action enables us to visualize our goals with more intention. Likewise, we may use language to our benefit, but there is no reason why a spell won’t work because another language was used.
The only time when the same language is used is when people chant mantras. At these times, the actual words, syllables and sounds such as “OM” need to be uttered to achieve the expected results.
Brightest Blessings

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