Dreams, Friendship oil and a spell to make someone like you

Hi Rose. how are u? I hope you are good. I just started Wicca about two days ago and I am really into it, I was wondering if there was a spell to make you dream about a certain place or person because I love to dream about wicca and magic and i want to be able to choose that. Also what is friendship oil? Because I love that spell on here that you do on a full moon but I need to know what that is. Also, where can you get lavender and sage and other spell supplies like different types of oil, I live in the USA, if that help at all. And lastly how can you make a BEST friends mom actually like you? Because my friends mom absolutely HATES me she told my friend that to her face, and because her mom hates me she never can spend the night, and yesterday I gave my friend a paper that said stuff about my friend and her boyfriend and it had the date of their first kiss and everything, and her mom said to her… “why is she involed with you guys? she shouldnt even hang out with him!” And to me that was the last straw I just want her mom to like me I dont want to put a curse or anything on her, I just want her to let me and my BEST friend have some time together. My friend wishes she could live with me and my awesome parents, but unfortunately that wont happen so I turned to the next best thing… YOU!

Merry Meet, I am very happy to hear that you have started practicing Wicca. Yes, it is a good idea to not put a curse on anyone, for as we all know very well, it eventually returns to haunt and hurt us. Here are the three spells you requested. Enjoy! Dream Spell This spell will help you jumpstart your dreaming sessions. Remember not to overdo it. Get mugwort flower essence remedy (warning – not the essential oil) from a store. Add about twently five drops if this flower essence remedy into a warm bath and relax in the tub while burning candles and dream incense. This bath should be taken just before you go to sleep so that your mind is already reaching a relaxed state which is conducive to your dream state. Friendship Oil 10 drops almond oil as a base 10 drops vanilla 10 drops geranium oil 2 whole cloves, 1 small piece turquoise Mix all of the above and store in a clean, tight-fitting bottle. Here is a spell to make someone like you: Wear the friendship oil when you go to your friend’s house. Since your friend already likes you, this oil will be more useful to attract your friend’s mom to you. If she doesn’t like you at all, in a few days, she will definitely be interested in what you have to say and hopefully will become your friend. Brightest Blessings.

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