Drive Away Bad Luck Bath Spell

First I would like to say that I have a strong gift of intuition. If I think something then its normally correct. I ve had dreams that come true but are slightly different than the dream. Struggling with lonliness due to breaking up with someone I loved dearly. My income is dwindling and the price of everything is so expensive. Is there a spell to where I could invite a great handsome loving man who is my age into my life? I m also suffering with finances. I m a beginner but willing to try anything.I also feel as though i have transferred energies with people. Do you have an explanation Please help with this.

Merry Meet Seeker,
All over the country people are suffering due to a host of reasons. Some have lost their job, others have lost their health, yet others have no savings and so on. Those who continue to think positively and see themselve as fortunate are the ones who can be happy without a single penny in their purse. How do we continue to hope for a good income, love, health or prosperity under these circumstances?
Here is a spell that will help us drive away the bad luck we are having while bringing us good luck to replace it.
Drive away bad luck spell
For this spell, you will need the following items:
Basil leaves
Spearmint leaves
One lemon
one tablespoon sesame seeds
A handful of flour
A spoonful of Command and Compel oil
This powerful combination is quick to work on your behalf.
Step 1: Heat some water in a bowl and make an infusion with basil and spearmint leaves.
Step 2: Squeeze in the juice of one lemon into the bowl.
Step 3: Now add the sesame seeds and the flour to the infusion.
Step 4: Add the Command and Compel oil to the mix
Step 5: Now set up your bath.
Step 6: Carry the bowl to the bath when it has cooled down.
Step 7: Stand in the tub and pour the infusion over your head slowly.
Step 8: Now sit down and soak visualizing the wonderful life that is ahead of you.
Brightest Blessings.

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