Drive away bad luck Spell

Hi, My partner and I feel someone has put a hex on us, as EVERYTHING we try to do business wise and personal falls apart. Our business has had an exceptional amount of problems,. We have a small truck business with two trucks. nearly every day something happens to them or us to cause problems and have to spend money. We are getting close to losing everthing an we have had enough. Our luck has also drained away and cant seem to keep hold of anything. Even when I go to bingo I am usually one away more than 3 times and it is frustrating. We have a feeling that there is negative energies at work. I have smudged the house, which feels mildly better. Also in our house every plant we bring into it dies. And I know how to grow plants lol. Please Help desperate. Regards Racheal and Steve

Merry meet Racheal and Steve,
It is indeed very difficult to run a business when everyday comes with trouble. Although you feel that your luck has gone out, stay with it and it is bound to change eventually. Everybody has good times and bad times. If you feel that this is the result of a hex, here is something you can do to get rid of it and be succesful in your business.
Drive away bad luck Spell
For this spell, you will need the following items: 1 bunch of basil, 1 bunch of spearmint, 1 tsp command and compel oil, one lemon, a teaspoon of flour and a teaspoon of sesame seeds.
Step 1: Prepare a powerful infusion using the basil leaves and spearmint leaves. Leave them in the solution for more strength.
Step 2: Squeeze the lemon juice into the infusion.
Step 3: Sprinkle the infusion with sesame seeds.
Step 4: Add the flour and mix well.
Step 5: Add the Command and Compel oil and stir well.
Step 6: Now fill a bathtub with warm water.
Step 7: Take the magickal bowl to the tub and set it aside the tub.
Step 8: Stand in the tub and gently pour the infusion over your head while visualizing your business booming beyond your imagination.
Step 9: Sit down and soak in the infusion for a while until you can see your happy future in your spirit.
Brightest Blessings Racheal and Steve.

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