Egg Spell to conceive a baby

My boyfriend and I have been trying to conceive a baby. we have been trying for 2 years now and there has been no success. Can you please help me

Merry Meet Seeker,
Fertility is an age old worry that has been passed down through many hundreds of generations through creation. Eggs rank amongst the most powerful symbols of fertility and a spell with an egg has powerful ways of instantiating our images of life.
Egg Spell Candle
For this spell, you will need a raw egg (or a few for practice before you get it right)
Cuticle scissors or tiny knife from a nail cutter
A bowl
Wax, small fertility charms and dried fertility herbs to add to the “candle”
egg carton to hod the egg while shaping it
An ice pick or a crochet needle to make the hole for the wick
a cotton wick for the candle
Step 1: Make the mold for the candle by punching a small hole on the top end of a raw egg. You may need to practice on a few eggs to get the hole right.
Step 2: Using cuticle scissors or similar such too, widen the hole on the tip of the egg.
Step 3: Gently allow the egg contents to drip into a bowl. Use it for other purposes.
Step 4: Carefully wash the egg inside and out.The membrane and other contents must be removed completely. Allow the egg to dry well.
Step 5: Now prepare the wax by placing the dry egg shell over a carton (same position as the come from the store) with the hole at the top.
Step 6: Melt the wax, slowly HALF-FILL the egg with liquid wax. Also add any charms or herbs that are associated with fertility
Step 7: Reserve some of the wax for later.
Step 8: The next day, when the wax has hardened, gently chip away the shell of the candle.
Step 9: Using the ice pick or crochet hook, make a hole in the middle of the egg gently
Step 10: Quickly thread it with the wick
Step 11: Gently fill the hole with the reserved wax (heated up)
Step 12: Decorate the egg and keep it in a safe place.
Brightest Blessings

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