Egyptian Gods and Celtic Gods

hello i was wondering if it is possible to call upon egyptian gods/ess aswell as the celtic gods

Greetings! Yes, of course, you are right. Which Goddess or God that you call upon is entirely up to you. In fact, many do not call on any Gods, but on the Elements of the Earth or the Lady Moon or any of the natural powers they are familiar with. Whom you invoke as an ally in your ritual is really a personal preference. What is important is not the name, but the power with which you call IT forth, the emotions that you invest in that call, and the absolute belief that it is already a done deal. Although in some practices, certain Goddesses or Gods are assigned specific duties and are called upon during spells, its okay to call any deity you prefer so long as you don’t feel “guilty” that you are somehow corrupting the spell if you don’t use the specific names. As we all know, all negative thoughts immediatly cause the power of our spell to decrease. If there is al ot of negativity in or around us, the spell will cease to be effective! It. doesn’t matter whom you call; if the intention is not there, the spell will not work. Spells are more effective if you write it yourself, from your own creative thoughts and wishes. Performing the spell in a deeply meditative state also increases the chances of its success. Since we believe that all spirits in nature are from the same source, you don’t have to worry about using the names of your favorite Gods or Goddesses. Go ahead and call forth your Gods and Goddesses to guide you in your endeavors! You hold your future in your hands and hearts! Blessed Be!

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