I want to be like you… But how?

I want to be like you… But how?

Merry Meet!

My dear, I take that as a beautiful compliment. Thank you.

Having a role model or more than one role model is important to all of us. But do you know where it all begins? With yourself, of course! There are two things here: The one is knowledge of self and the other is love of self.

Knowledge of Self

Knowledge of self means understanding yourself very well. To understand yourself, you need to know both your light side and your dark side. We all have both, you know. A wise person once said that there can be no light of day without the dark of night.

This does not mean doing dark things at all. It simply means that you take note of your dark side, thus enabling your light side to rule supreme. The dark side will consist of things like jealousy, anger, and so forth. If recognize that you can get very angry or very jealous, you can find ways to control. This control will be in the hands of your light side. I hope this makes sense.

Love of Self

Love of self means that you are kind to yourself and that you accept who you are. Why is this important? Unless you love yourself, you cannot love anybody /anything else properly. In addition to this, how can one expect to receive love from others, it you do not love yourself completely?

Role Models

This is where role models become important. In getting to know yourself, you will identify some things that can do with a bit of improvement. Let us assume that you are impatient if people ask you questions. You can try to model your behavior in order to be patient and gentle with those who need answers from your. Because you perceive me to do this well, you may decide “That is how I want to do it. Just like Rose Ariadne.” This means that you use me as a role model for patience.

Your question is very general, dear Seeker. If you mean being like me from a Life philosophy point of view, it is truly simple:

  • Knowledge (of Self, of Others and of the Craft)
  • Acceptance (of Self and Others)
  • Compassion (towards Self and Others)
  • Love (of Self and Others)
  • Giving (to Self and Others) …

… all in equal share J.

May Love and Light illuminate your journey!

Brightest Blessings.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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