How do I bring my 3 kittens back to life?

How do I bring my 3 kittens back to life?

I’m very sorry to hear of your loss; pets are family, and when they pass it leaves a giant hole in our hearts and our lives.  Especially the loss of infant pets, who have left us long before what we feel is right or fair.  Honey, I’m going to give you both the long version and short version of this answer…but the short version is:  you don’t.

While reanimation of the dead, whether it be pets or people, is fascinating in theory, it really would not be a good  thing to do.  Hollywood movies, popular authors have all had their ideas about what raising the dead would be like.  I can’t think of one single instance where this turned out well, even in imagination! 

Wiccans do not raise the dead.  We celebrate all whom we’ve known and loved in this plane of our existence.  Sometimes, we seek to communicate with the spirit/energy of those who have passed beyond this plane.  But we do not raise the dead.

Give yourself both time and permission to grieve this untimely loss.  Remember each individual life, and the little quirks which made you love each kitten even more.  Then release the sadness and keep the individuality tucked into your heart.  Revel in the fact that these baby beings were loved so very much in this life, on this plane…by you!  Think about what these tiny spirits may be doing now…perhaps chasing comets!

When the time is right (and you’ll know when it is) consider adopting another pet into your life.  There are many sad and abandoned pets at local humane shelters, good animals who have had a rough, unfair road to travel.  While you cannot bring your kittens back to life, you CAN make a difference to one of these sweet, trusting, pets who currently have no hope.  And there could be no more fitting epitaph to your kittens than “She was brave enough to love again.”

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  1. Marie Becnel says:

    How do i change my bad luck with good.

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