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Hi I’m Hannah, 13 i am a christan( at least i thought i was) but i don’t what to think anynore.and i just got interested in Wicca because the whole Meditation and candle thing is really cool. Anyway i was wondering what is a Ouija board and why are they so bad to use? Oh and one more thing i am really scraed that i might be going hell for just think the stuff is cool is that ture? Thxz -Hannah

Dear Hannah—

There is nothing wrong with being curious about Wicca and witchcraft and being a Christian.

Many Christians believe that witchcraft is evil and that Wicca is Satanic, but this is simply not the case. Witches simply believe in using the knowledge of herbs and the wilderness to help treat illness and make life better. They believe that humans once were able to do more with our minds than we can now, like communicate via ESP, but that we have forgotten how.

Some witches believe they have been able to tap into those ancient skills and can tell the future or interpret dreams now. Wiccans, as you know, believe in a God and Goddess, working together as a force of nature.  Christians sometimes object to this because in the Ten Commandments, God said you should have no other gods before him.

That means that you should not worship anyone or anything more than you worship God and Jesus. It does not mean that you cannot appreciate the way He created nature and believe that he has a God and Goddess he put in charge of it.

Ouija boards worry many people because to work properly they require that you contact a spirit. If you are careless or untrained, it is very easy to contact a spirit that might mean to do you harm. So, unless you are with someone who can cast proper protection magick, it is a good idea to avoid an Ouija board.

Please do not believe you are going to Hell for being curious. Though the Bible tells us disobedience and curiosity were the first sins, God does not punish curiosity. If you are a Christian, you know that Christians believe that once you have accepted Jesus, you can never sin so bad that he sends you to Hell. Because of Jesus, you are forgiven.



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  1. wendy says:

    Dear Rose my lover & I both practice witchcraft but he has lost his powers & really wants them back urgently how can he get them?

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