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Hi Rose, I read an article by a man who talked of summoning demons and making bargains with them. Demons are evil and besides wanting a person’s soul, what else would a demon want from us. Could you give me an example of a bargain a person might make with a demon during an invocation or summoning? Just curious after reading that article. I would really appreciate it if you could answer my question. Thanks so much, Pamela

Dear Pamela,

Summoning demons or evil spirits and making bargains with them is stupid! I can’t imagine why you would care what kind of bargains that they would want to make because making any bargain is just plain dumb.

In most cases, the spirit would be requesting something that it cannot get on its own, either power or blood.  And, these creatures are evil, so they have no qualms about manipulating you into giving them more than you bargained for.

It may seem like a horror movie cliche, but the reality is that evil spirits will twist your bargain to their benefit in any way that they can. To be honest, i almsot didn’t answer this question ebcause it seems so obvious, but maybe it isn’t.


Much like casting a spell with evil intent, dealing with an evil spirit cannot have a good outcome.  Nothing good comes from evil. So no matter what you believe you are getting out of it and no matter what good thing you think will come from it, you are wrong.

Evil spirits will always try to hurt you and steal your power. There is no reason to ever bargain with them. Any spirit who tells you that you have to bargain with your soul or spirit or power is simply trying to screw you over and you need to run, figuratively if not literally, in the other direction.

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