Is there a revenge spell I can do on my best friend?

im only 16 years old but ive been through some very difficult times…. i used to have a best friend who is now my worst enemy. i dont want to harm her but i just want her to payback for all the bad things she did to me and how much she made me suffer. is their a spell that i can do to make her pay??

There is a spell that you can do to make sure she gets her just rewards, but you are better off not doing it.

Wiccans, and some pagans, believe that whatever you do comes back to you three times over. So, if you take action to cause her harm, even if it is justly deserved, you will probably  end up feeling the pain yourself.  Christianity calls the concept turning the other cheek or do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Here, it’s a bit more simple. Never wish or cause soemthing to happen to someone else that you aren’t willing to have happen to you.

My personal way of dealing with this is to just remind the universe that I am relying on the law of three to take care of things. For me, it’s as simple as every time I remember how a person hurt me, announcing very calmly (Although you might not want to do this in a room full of people…),  “I trust the Universe to make things right.”

It makes me feel better as a person because I am not sinking to their level and I have not committed some sort of evil act. I am just trusting that karma or balance or whatever you want to call it will even things out. The only problem I have with this approach is waiting, because my timetable for people to get what they deserve is usually shorter than the universe’s time schedule.

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  1. Katie says:

    i just want to ask is there a spell to get over someone becouse i realy like someone and i need to get over them quik.

  2. Jienelle says:

    I’ve been practicing some witchcraft spells and some of them work but it for me it is not enough to call myself a witch although I want to be a witch while I am younger. I am 15 year old girl. I heard some life story of people who are expert on witch spells and they have been practicing a years, some of them after 32 years, 25 years and 12 years. My question is could it also happen to me?

    I really want to master the magic and spells while I am young….

    I have been practicing everyday but some of my practice is useless….

    I have been searching on the web on how to master all spells…

    This is not for myself but also to my family, and what if one of them had a curse and I don’t know how to get rid of it because I am not yet an expert…

    would you help me in my problem…


    I am new here because I trust you with all my
    It sounds funny but this is only help for me…

  3. lauren says:

    ummm yer well my old friend hurt me 4 times and i just cant let it go he is killin me inside but is it really that bad that i want 2 kill him i want 2 make him bleed and brun him i cant help but think of it and i dont no wot 2 do !!!

  4. stephanazs says:

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  5. Babak says:

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  6. .................... says:

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  7. .................... says:

    i will not hand out killing spells those ill take to my grave

  8. Meg says:

    You don’t necesarily need to harm people to get what you want you could just try to find a spell to make someone leave you alone and not bother you anymore. If you try to harm someone with magick you will be hurt three-times worse, call it karma if you like, so really harming that person is causing yourself even more harm. Try to find spells that don’t harm other people but gets them to stop being horrible and harming you.
    Good luck and blessed be

  9. Emmanuel says:

    I want i use a spell to harm some people who did me wrong and were can i get real black magic spells at.

  10. orgonite says:

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  11. orchid says:

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