Evil Removal Spell

Rose Ariadne my trusted friend ! I have recived a letter from a card reader and i do not know how she got my e-mail address anyway she told me she did a reading on me and seen that i had a evel spell cast upon my family when i was age 13 and i need to ask you this is their any spell that removes this spell away from me .I hav been thinking about what she has wrote and i feel like it could be true and i want read of it a s a p .I’m not asking you this just to do it i need to get a answer and she want’s money to remove it .So my trusted friend what should i do .

Merry Meet Seeker,
Do not send any money to anyone so that they can do spells for you. There are many unscrupulous people on the internet who claim to know witchcraft. Instead, many of them are just out there to get money from innocent people. Wicca or witccraft is a simple way to live life. Anyone can learn it and become a good witch Unfortunately, there are so many quacks around whose main aim is to steal money from innocents on the internet.
Here is an easy spell that will remove any evil spells that may have been cast on you or your family.
Evil Removal Spell
For this spell, you will need a bar of soap, sea salt, uncrossing or protection oil, cotton wicks
Step 1: Place the soap flat on the floor
Step 2: With a drill, gently make three holds going all the way through the soap
Step 3: Now fill the holes with protection oil or uncrossing oil
Step 4: Add a cotton wick to each of the holes
Step 5: Sprinkle sea salt all over the soap
Step 6: Sit down by the soap and visualize your future as you wish it to be
Step 7: Light each wick and loudly profess your innermost desires
Step 8: Sit by the soap candles until they all burn out.
You may wrap up the used soap remnants and save it as a protective item. However, do not use it for regular washing.
Brightest Blessings

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