Evil Spirits?

how do you get rid of evil spirits

Hello there dear, Well, first off i would ask you how you know that they are “evil spirits”? Are they doing something to cause you to come to such a conclusion? Have you communicated or conversed with them in some manner and they have subsequently given you the impression that they are “evil” or malign in some form or fashion? In general, most spirits are not evil… anymore than most people are at least. And so lumping them all together and painting them with a single brush is fairly misguided at best, and downright bigoted at worst. And well, even if the spirit is not “evil” it likely is not going to be to friendly to someone who is going around labeling it as such. I mean, how would you feel if someone just randomly started calling you evil for no good reason? Have you tried communicating with this spirit at all? Perhaps just taking the time to explain to it that it has passed over and that it is now time to rest and move on would do a world of good without having to actually “do” anything about it as such. Instead you could actually help it find its final reward and help lay it to rest as such. If you have difficulty contacting it, try burning some sweet grass in the area that it most often appears and then begin speaking to it there.

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