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I really beleive in magic and such things of it. I dont get how you do it though. How do you get telekenesis, can i get it in a certain mental state or by doing something, i really want to know because im fascinated by magic and its part of my life, i read some other stuff on your website too, i think its awsome how you can do all this amazing stuff, well i was just wondering if you could help me out?

Greetings! I believe you are talking about magick. The word “Magic” without the added “k” usually means magic tricks that are just slight of hand or illusions. Magick, as witches do it, is not a trick, it is life energy that is transformed into reality. From your email, I can see that you would like to learn more about a lot of subjects. Books would be your best bet. Websites such as Amazon.com, etc have thousands of books on many subjects. You can also check out your local used book store and find books on magick at cheap rates. Telekenesis is the science of moving objects with our mind. To do this, we all need to have extraordinary psychic abilities. People who have strengthened their minds from a very young age and who can enter into deep meditation modes are able to move things with their mind alone. One can practice the art of telekinesis by meditating daily and moving small objects first and later larger and larger objects. It is definitely not an easy task, but your mind again is the key to success. If we strongly believe we can do it, we can do anything. As human beings, we use about 10% of our brain’s potential. Imagine if we started using more and more of it. With just 10%, we have invented air travel, telecommunications and the internet with which messages can reach the other end of the world in a matter of nanoseconds. Fifty years ago, if we had mentioned this, peopel would’ve laughed at us! You are definitely on the right track. Keep up the curiosity and read everything you can get your hands on. Pretty soon, you will be able to set up a course of action and follow it to be able to do whatever you wish. Hope this answers your question. Brightest Blessings!

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