Fear of the Devil

can the devil take over you if you do any type of witchcraft

There are good people and evil people in every religion. It is fear that drives the concept of negative and evil theories such as that of a Devil. Many of the ancient religions believed in the manifestation of cosmic energy that could be used to create positive as well as negative forces. It is our will that creates positive and glorious outcomes or brings misfortune. And it is our will (with the help of that of the Goddess) that can drive out any negative forces that manifest in our life.

The followers of witchcraft believe that whatever we do, we get it returned to us three fold. So we focus on the good or positive energy and know that if we do any type of evil deeds, it will hurt us more than anyone else. The followers of other religions, especially those that scare innocents by using such evil concepts such as the Devil will hopefully be aware that they, as a result, will get negative effects back three fold for misleading people

It may help to find out about religions that existed years ago which still do to this day believe that there is no such thing as a Devil. Read about pagan religions, the ancient Hindu and Native American cultures in which everything natural was considered sacred, whether it was a tree, a mountain, a stone, a stream or a fire. Those that were considered pagans are the people who conserved our resources and lived simple lives, using inspiration and spirituality to bond all living beings and staying away from war and destruction.

Life renews itself and re-creates itself. There is no better example than that to understand the cosmic flow of energy that creates, destroys and recreates again. Witches believe in the powers of the five elements of nature, Fire, Air, Earth, Water and Spirit. And we believe that the Goddess in our religion is powerful enough to take care of someone like “the Devil” from affecting our life J

Blessed be!

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  1. evaroberts says:

    hi rose i wondering if you could help me please i had a awful dream that i was sat at my table with this man drinking tea and my children knew he was evil an so did myself he was a very distinctive looking man an in my dream i belived him to be the devil, i was distressed 4 a couple of days after this dream. two weeks later i got a dog an arranged for a dog trainer to come to my house to, the man came in a made a cup of tea sat at the table an realised i was sat at the table with the same man from my dream. this is really playing on my mind, have you any idear why this has happend or what could mean? plz help me rose am really scared

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