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how can you tell if you have completed the spell correctly? can you actualy get a response right then and there? me and my husband are looking for a fertility spell. is there any out there that can work for us 6 years now.?


You can complete the spell correctly and it may still take time to see the results. Many things have to “click” to get the energies just right to make the spell work immediately. If we take care of our body, mind and spirit, then all our energies are in unison and now it just has to reach out to our guide (the Goddess or the cosmic energy that created life) so that it can go outward into the Universe which creates it and makes it happen.

If something doesn’t work, try and try again. A baby comes into this world only when S/he is ready for it. So you have to invite this being into your world.

Let’s see what you can do to prepare for the birth. The mother and father should be eager to maintain healthy habits such as eating nutritious food including lots of fruits and vegetables, exercising and meditating daily (mommy can also perform yoga to stimulate the uterus and other organs of fertility). Smoking, drinking, taking medications that may hurt the baby should be avoided if possible (talk to the doctor). Stress should be completely in control with the Mom and Dad loving themselves and taking care of themselves and each other to welcome the little bundle who is coming into your life!.

Also, watch the menstrual cycles and follow the mucus method in combination with the temperature method. That is how I got my babies too. It really works!

Now that the physical requirements are taken care of, lets go into the spiritual requirements. Envision the baby in your body and imagine holding the baby and rocking her/him to sleep. Sing a lullaby and feel the outpouring of love from you.

Try your own fertility spell again or try this simple one:


During your most fertile time (usually 2 days before, during and after ovulation), light 9 white candles in your bedroom. Place them around your bed. Sit or stand nude with your partner facing the North and repeat the following:

“With one mind, we call to thee.
With one heart, we long for thee
Childe of Earth, Wind, Fire & Sea,
In to our lives, we welcome thee”

Turn to the East, then South, then West, repeating this incantation each time you do so. Proceed as nature requires. Repeat this spell each of the 5 nights before intercourse.


Blessed Be the Three of you!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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