Fidelity Encouraging Spell

In 2007 my husband got a birthday card from a woman in his car club. In it was pictures shy of being porn. I didnt know about it until 3 months later. Our marriage was on shakey ground at that point. Everytime i asked him to not call/ text her he told me to get over it cuz she wasnt going anywhere. In july i wanted to go to a car show w/ him but he said no women were going. I knew he was lying. Two weeks after the car show i saw pix of hubby& that woman. I flipped! (He had pix of her on his cell phone& in a photo album but none of me). I was devasted. We talked about things& he said nothing happened between them. I dont believe him. I sense something did happen while they were drinking. My question is:did he have an affair or was he thinking about it or am I’m loosing my mind?

Merry Meet Seeker,
I am sure it is terrible to doubt that your husband playing around. Many husbands and wives too tend to get bored of the relationship once in a while and try to find some excitement outside of the marriage. It is the mature spouse’s responsibility to bring them back ino the family and knock some sense into their head, especially if there are young children involved. There is no excuse for it when people behave in an irresponsible way, but there is a spell you can work on to make the straying partner come to his senses. It is called the Chili pepper spell.
Chili Pepper Spell
This spell uses dried red chili peppers to absorb his rambling nature and fills the void left in his aura with your love and desires. For this spell, you will need two dry red chili peppers and one safety pin.
Step 1: Start on a day when your partner is sleeping beside you on the same bed. Hold the two chili peppers in your hand.
Step 2: Without waking him or touching his body, gently pass the peppers over his body. Remember to cover his body head to toe so that the power of the peppers “vacuums” the negative energies from his aura.
Step 3: Visualize his rambling nature being absorbed by the chili peppers, his infidelity and desire for illegal excitement being destroyed by the power of the hot peppers. Visualize these actions of his being replaced by your love and excitement and your happy life together in the future.
Step 4: When you have completely vacuumed his extraneous desires, feel the flow of love toward him and fill it with your desires.
Step 5: Now place one of the peppers on the bed and place the other pepper across on it so that they form a Cross.
Step 6: Use the safety pin to hold the two chili peppers in the form of a cross together.
Step 7: When he is out of the home, place this chili-cross under the mattress on the side he sleeps on.
Brightest Blessings.

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