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Rose, I have lost my job. Will I find another job and how soon? I am a widow on a fixed income and need a job desperately to meet bills. Thank you and God Bless You….Katherine

Merry meet Katherine,
I know how devastating it can be when we lose a job. However, always have hope that you will get a new one soon. When you have negative thoughts, remember that you have to replace them with positive ones, which will increase the good energy around you and allow you to visualize a happy future. You can make your dreams come true. As a rule, we go through tough times only to become stronger, braver and happier.
So go out there, try to find new jobs by looking at ads posted in newspapers, walking around the neighborhood or driving around in a car if you have one, calling all of your friends and acquaintances and looking on the internet for jobs in your area. There are hundreds of thousands of people looking to hire good workers at any one time. Your “job” right now is to connect to that perfect job that is waiting for you!
Here is a spell to push your intentions into the Universe proactively:
For this spell, you will need a figure candle. Start this spell on a new Moon day or while the Moon is waxing.
Step 1: Carve the figure candle with words that bring you hope. This candle represents you and your vision for the future.
Step 2: You may add your name, identity (for the Universe to recognize you!), some words that describe your future job, items that you will use such as pen or pencil, bag and so on
Step 3: Also change an open-topped cardboard box into your perfect job place. Instead of worrying, visualize what you want to see in your new job. You may used cardboard, pens, pencils, etc. to make it the place where you will spend the rest of your life working.
Step 4: Make sure you create a large door for your job situation so that your hope candle can enter through the door to your job place.
Step 5: Make the candle (you) face the workplace that you have constructed.
Step 6: Burn the candle for six days in thirty-minute increments while you slowly move the “you” candle closer to the job place.
Step 7: On the seventh day, bring the candle into your workplace and allow it to burn completely.
Brightest Blessings

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