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Dear Rose, i do not know what this kind of feeling is this, but i doubt it is love. I’m a teen of 15 years and a few days ago, i fell in love with someone who is 18. I know that it is because of my hormonal developments, but it really bothers me day and night. I just think of that person. I can even stop loving anyone because of that person. But i’m completely frustrated. I doubt that he also loves me. He stares at me in school. I don’t know what to do. I know that its not the right time for me to fall in love but even if i want to, i cannot erase that feeling. It’s eating me up. I love that person. I don’t want any spells to cast upon him, because i don’t wanna hurt someone who i love. I don’t want to tell him my feelings because what if he does not love me. Please Rose find me a way. Blesses Be!!! :’(

Merry Meet Seeker,
Isn’t it wonderful to be in love? Of course it is! So many people in this world would trade for your life! Nothing in the world is more important than Love. If only everyone in the world loved each other, there would be no more wars or natural disasters. Natural disasters are created when people mess with Mother Nature.
You, on the other hand, are in high heaven, correct? Good for you. I hope that almost all beings (man or animal or any other beings we are not aware of) have fallen in love and know what it means to live on air. When we are in love, we don’t think of anything but the person we want to be with. It is very difficult for you since you are only 15 and have to wait a while before it become serious. However, if you feel that he is attracted to you, you may try to initiate some kind of conversation over email or chat. Slowly you can gauge his interest in you.
Sudden attaction is usually the result of you both knowing each other in previous lives. He may have been your friend in another life or he may be one of you soul mates. Yes, we have many soul mates although not all of them are romantic types. Soul mates can be of the same sex and may be here to help us or guide us. OUr sisters may be soul mates too, just as brothers can be.
So you are lucky and going through a time filled with love and there is nothing to worry about! In fact, enjoy every moment of it. However, you have no concentration for studying your lessons, you have to force yourself to not think of him when you have to do your homework. Do communicate with him just to know if he is also thinking the same way. If not, leave him alone. There will be more soul mates and angels on the way.
Brightest Blessings

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