Five Fingers Protection Bath

Dear Rose For the past year unexplained thing happened. first I lost my job, then lost all cars and properties. Then my car got stolen. Every time I’m around something, something goes horribly wrong with that something. Every time I’m at a place or with someone, money goes missing of that person I’m with. And its is not me taking the money. I will never take from someone. it’s just not in me. I have never and will never! every time something will go wrong with the car the moment I’m in it. when my partner drives it, nothing goes wrong. i have suspected something but thought it was silly to think like that….. But…. yesterday I was not at home, i was out looking for a job etc, later that evening its been discovered that R900 went missing. obviously they’re pointing a finger at me…. BUT… I WAS NOT AT HOME!!!!! So that basically confirmed my concerns…. all of this started a year ago when I broke up with my ex….. Am I overreacting or could this be something….. I am emotional all the time, which I never was before. I feel something is heavy on my soul…. Am I overreacting…… So dear Rose, what do i do now??????

Merry Meet Seeker,
It is so unfortunate that all of these experiences are making your life extremely difficult. Instead of worrying about it (which makes any situatio worse), think of it as going away from you. Here is a protection spell that will keep you from harm. Also keep your spirits up and determine to be brave and happy regardless of what is happening around you.
Five Fingers Protection Bath Spell
For this spell, you will need:
one cup of sea salt
Lemon Vinegar
Five dried bay laurel leaves
A glass of spring water
A glass or rose water or rose hydrasol or any charged water
Five limes, sliced in half
Step 1: Prepare a nice, warm bath for yourself.
Step 2: Add the salt and the bay leaves to the water.
Step 3: Squeeze all the lime juice into the water. Throw in the rinds as well.
Step 4: Add the rest of the ingredients including rose water, spring water and lemon vinigar.
Step 5: Carefully enter the water adn submerge yourself completely at least five times.
Step 6: Stay in this protection bath as long as you wish
Step 7: Visualize good things happening to you and see your troubles runnining away from your life.
Step 8: Rub your body with the limes visualizing all negativity or hexes being removed from your presence for life.
Step 9 : Drain the water in the tub with the powerful items swirling around you. After a while, dry off and dispose of the remnants in a far-away place.
Brightest Blessings

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