Five simple spells

i want at least five spells. simple ones to get me started.thank you from E.R

Merry meet E.R, Here are the five simple spells to get you started. Business drawing incense This is a spell which will increase your income. Prepare a mixture of dried basil, benzoin and ground cinnamon. Prepare coals or burn this mixture on a censer for increased income. Steady work spell Make a mixture of Benzoin resinoid, gravel root and sea salt. Grind the ingredients together and place them in a glass bottle or glass jar. Add sunflower oil and jojoba oil to cover the mixture. Now you have steady work Oil. Dab a tiny portion of this oil to your palms and soles when going to work or when looking for a new job. You may also use it to dress candles or mojo hands when on a job search mission. Blessing Oil Add a mixture of ground frankincense and benzoin to a blend of olive oil and jojoba oil to create Blessing oil. To purify the atmosphere, dress white and blue candles with this Blessing oil. Burn the candles an hour daily to purify the atmosphere and create a happy home. Basil Cleansing Bath This spell is highly effective for cleansing, especially for removing negative emotions caused by very abusive people. The herb basil that is used in this spell also enhances the good fortune and the potential prosperity of the target of this spell. Get one heaped teaspoon of dried basil and place it in a glass bowl. Add one cup of boiling water over the basil. Let the basil steep in this hot water until it cools down. Now you have a very potent infusion which may be used to enhance your bath while also performing cleansing actions. Divination by Copal Spell Get fourteen kernels of corn. Burn copal incense and pass these fourteen kernels of corn through the smoke created by the incense. Toss the corn on the ground and analyze the patterns made by the magickal corn. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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