Four break up love spells

Quitting Powder Spell
This spell is used when you want to get rid of a lover who may be bothering you or to bring to an end unwanted sexual advances. This spell also prevents anyone from placing a hex on you. For this spell, you will need the following items:
Ground cinnamon
Ground nutmeg
Newspaper that was used by your lover
Tobacco from a cigarette that was used by or a favorite of your lover

Step 1: Grind all of the above into a fine powder
Step 2: Sprinkle it where your lover will be sure to step on it
Step 3: Use some of the powder to make a safe boundary for yourself
Step 4: Place some of this powder in a small satin bag with you at all times so that is becomes a protective talisman too.

Walnut Bath Spell
This spell will effectively remove all ties that bind two people who were in love at one time and now would prefer to break all ties.

For this spell, you will need the following items:
One dozen walnuts in their shells
Iron pot filled with spring water
Step 1: Heat the iron pot with water and simmer the walnuts in their shells.
Step 2: Allow it to simmer for three hours
Step 3: Turn off the heat and allow the water to return to room temperature
Step 4: Remove the walnuts and add the remaining water to your bath
Step 5: Sit in the bath visualizing your goals for the future
Step 6: At a later time, bury the walnuts (still unshelled) in Earth.

Love me again spell
This simple spell is worked when you wish to restore the love that you had before the breakup. Burn Dragon’s blood while you chant and murmur your wishes so that your love to be reborn and restored. Continue with the chanting as long as the Dragon’s blood burns. Remove the ashes if any and bury them in Earth.

Post Break-up Spell

If you and your lover have decided to break-up, it is best to work on a ritual to remove all the ties and lingering bonds ofthe relationship from your life. This spell cleanses you and removes all the links that were formed during the relationship.

For this spell, you will need a raw egg. Wash the raw egg and take it to the bathroom. Get naked and rub the whole egg all over your naked body. Start with your head and go down through the body, through the shoulders to your arms and fingers, you genitals, and all the way to your feet. When you feel that you have covered your entire body and absorbed all the bonding energy from your body, break the egg and flush it out. Continue your bath and spend some time for meditation after you dry off.

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