Four easy, free spells

Banishing spell
If you have someone you wish to banish from your life for good, then try this spell:
St Expedite is the patron saint of Emergencies, shopkeepers, dealers, examinees, schoolboys, sailors, navigators, and anyone who needs a quick solution to their problems. He is associated with quick solutions and is the patron saint for those lost causes.
For this spell, you will need a piece of paper and pencil, a balloon, a small picture or statue of Saint Expedite (Image-Google his name and print out his picture). If you are an adult, you may also get a glass of rum and a slice of pound cake as libation for him.
Step 1: On the piece of paper, write the name of the target you wish to banish
Step 2: Roll up the paper and insert it into the balloon
Step 3: Attach this balloon to the picture or statue of St. Expedite.
Step 4: Blow up the balloon carefully.
Step 5: Offer the libations for St Expedite
Step 6: Now release the balloon. The direction in which the balloon travels is the direction in which the person will depart from your life.
Appollo’s Grain Oracle/Divination Spell
This spell will enable you to use divination as a method to determine the best outcome for any action. This is an ancient version of the fortune cookie.
For this spell, you will need small pieces of paper, 1 cup of flour, one egg and ? cup of water.
Step 1: Mix the three ingredients and knead them well. Allow it to rest for half an hour.
Step 2: Meanwhile, on small pieces of paper, write your choices or alternatives.
Step 3: Make balls of the dough and place one piece of paper inside each dough ball. Each of these balls need to be similar in size and shape.
Step 4: Bake these balls until they are sufficiently cooked or become hard.
Step 5: When cool, select a ball that will show your path.
Broken Heart Healing Spell
Almost everyone in the world has, at time or another, been the recipient of a broken heart. Here is a beautiful spell to work on when our heart needs mending.
For this spell, you will need two matching squares of red silk, sewing needles, pink thread, balm of Gilead buds, honeysuckle blossoms, tonka beans and one rose quartz.
Step 1: From the red silk, cut two matching squares.
Step 2: Put them together and sew three of its sides using the pink thread thus making a sachet.
Step 3: Fill the sachet with the balm of Gilead buds, honeysuckle blossoms, tonka beans and the rose quartz (which attracts Love).
Step 4: Carry this bag with you throughout the day and place it under your pillow at night to bring love back into your life quickly.
Basil Spell for exact Money
At times, we may be in need for a certain amount of money so that we can pay a loan or fees for a child in school. Here is a wonderful way to get exactly what you need.
For this spell, you will need a slip of paper, basil oil, one flower pot with potting soil in it and one plant such as marigold, basil, thyme or the powerful cactus.
Step 1: Write the exact amount you need on a slip of paper.
Step 2: Drip some basil oil over the paper.
Step 3: Fold the paper in half once and then again in half. Now bury the paper in the pot. Collect any cross-roads dirt if you can and add it to the pot if possible.
Step 4: Now plant the money-attracting plants in the pot and take good care of it. Your wish will come true soon.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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