Four free and easy love spells

“Love” is the word that is most searched on Google. Almost everyone on Earth is looking for Love. We cannot exist without love from someone, may it be a parent, siblings, cousins, friends, pets, etc.

The most important rule regarding love, money and health is that what we give returns to us. If we want love, we have to learn and practice how to love unconditionally. Another rule is that we cannot force anyone to love us. The worst thing we can do is to cheat your lover.

Here are some spells for love:

Romany Amber Charm

For this spell, gather the following:
1 piece of paper and pen
1 piece of amber (as a silver pendant or in a silver bracelet)
Small piece of silk to wrap the amber

On Thursday night, sit down by your altar and make your list of qualifications that you are looking for in a romantic partner. Visualize this person and write the name on this piece of paper. Just before you go to sleep, place this paper and the amber under your pillow.

The next morning, as soon as you wake up, hold the amber in your left hand. Move your hand close to your heart. Close your eyes and visualize your lover again. Take as much time as you need to bring this lover to you in spirit.

Kiss the amber and wrap it up in the piece of silk. Remember to wrap and roll it up towards you. For the next seven days, carry this with you during the day and leave it under your pillow (with a kiss) or near your heart somewhere.

After seven days, you have a highly charged love amulet that will bring your lover to you.

Birch Love Letter

Birch is a tremendously powerful tree that is used to craft paper. Find a birch tree and pick up a discarded white birch bark after offering the tree a libation for its help.

On a new Moon day, use a sterilized needle to prick your finger and write your love message on the birch bark with your blood as the powerful ink that will bring your dreams into reality. After you have written your heart’s desire, go outside and burn the “letter”. This allows the Universe to carry out your wishes.

Love Candle spell

This is a fairly common but powerful spell that brings instant results. Get a heart shaped candle for this spell. If you cannot get one, carve a heart into a regular thick candle. Now carve your lover’s initials into this heart.

Dress this candle with love drawing oil such as jasmine, sandalwood or rose and sprinkle with some love drawing powder or dried rose petals. Visualize deeply and clearly and see your love coming towards you with a smile. Now burn the candle.

As the candle burns, so your heart burns with love for me
As the wax melts, so your heart melts with love for me
When this spell is complete, you belong to me.

Binding Doll Spell
For this ancient spell, make two small “dolls” from natural items such as wood, roots or bone that can be gathered without hurting anything. Decorate the dolls with beads, beans, cloth, sequins, dried flowers, etc.

Anoint the dolls with some love oil such as essential oil of rose, jasmine or sandalwood. You may also anoint with your own bodily fluids. Bind them together with some red cord. While binding, create knots firmly visualizing the love that is coming into your life.

Keep these bound dolls in a safe place for as long as you wish the two of you together in love. If the romance does not last, just remove the binding and bury the dolls in Earth.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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