Four Myths About Witchcraft

1. Satan/Devil/whatever controls Witchcraft

As usual, the three powerful religions in the world will do anything to denigrate the other world religions. Actually, from all of the religions that existed since the beginning of time, the only religion that has survived is Witchcraft. Why would a religion remain throughout the ages when all others perished and new ones are created? The reason is that although most of the fancy religions which crop up now and then may have some support from the masses, they soon disappear because these religions are not based on the freedom and spirituality of the masses but rather on the sole purpose of controlling human beings so that they won’t realize that they are complete and spiritually powerful beings without the need for a church, mosque or a synagogue.

As long as humans create religions in the name of God with the intention of amassing huge amounts of money and favoritism and other forms of wealth devoid of any social sense of responsibility, religions will not last. Only the true form of God’s love which enables each human to live a happy life spiritually will last forever. Instead, most religions create abhorrent and disgusting figures such as the Devil, Satan, etc so that they can control the masses to their benefit. However, the good religions are gaining in popularity while the large “corporate” religions are losing their “flock” that are smart enough to see the “holey” mess that these religions dish out.

2. Witchcraft is black magic

Of course, many of these powerful religions that literally control millions of human beings have found a way to keep their congregation clueless and satisfied with the fa?ade of a controlling God who prefers His flock to be clueless. So they are asked to go every week to the same place (as though God resides only in those places!) and listen to boring sermons every Sunday! In order to keep this flock clueless, they put down every other religion so that their weekly numbers do not decrease. At times, they even hint that those who do not follow these rich “religions” are actually worshipping Satan (an imaginary character mainly created to scare humans). Of course, the only Satans we know are the ones who profess to blatant lies about God and how He prefers only certain religions!

3. It doesn’t work any way

More and more people are getting attracted to Wicca and other witchcraft religions mainly for their importance of the human spirit and equality before God. Although most of us know that our souls (spirits) are powerful and that each and every human (and animals too) have powers. Oh, by the way, in many religions, they have assumed that animals do not have spirits! Convenient, isn’t it? That we can eat animals without a twinge of sorrow?

Over the years, many religions have tried to control the masses. It may work for some time, but ultimately, none has succeeded as much as the fair and square religions which enable the whole world as One and try not to make money in pursuit of religion. There are many religions that are truly helpful to all mankind. Thankfully, most of the good religions enable and empower humans to connect with God without an intermediary and without dishing out any money to please God.

However, humans come into this world with different powers. Some of them are probably powerful spiritual masters already while others may be babes when compared to others. Depending on how “advanced” each human is, it may take a while to become successful in practicing Witchcraft. People may sometimes get frustrated when their spells don’t work. Just as most of us struggle to learn anything new, we have to practice until we get perfect at it. Of course, we can consult witches who have been at this for a long time. However, be careful with the “witches” on the internet, etc, unless you know they are genuine.

4. Witchcraft is not a “real” religion.

Of course, the final complaint by the newer religions is that Witchcraft is not a religion because only they assume that only the three major Judeo-Christian religions are valid. Yes, the powerful religions have spent millions of dollars to spread this “message”. In fact, every continent in this beautiful Earth has its own indigenous religion. Of course, whenever the conquerors ravish new lands, their goal is to destroy everything that the original inhabitants enjoy. Just as England, France and other European attackers looted and destroyed many cultures, even changing the names of their cities, moving capitals and even destroying their language and traditions!

The world has changed a lot, but Witchcraft remains the SAME.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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