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How To Cast Witch Craft Spells That Work (And What You Are Doing Wrong If They Fail)

Before I give you the free spells, I want to make sure you understand how to get them to work.

The most common questions I get from people new to Magick (and even sometimes people who have been struggling with it for years) is, “Why don’t any of my spells work? No matter what I try, nothing ever happens!”

Trust me on this: Magick is easy once the “light bulb” goes on in your head! (But the truth still remains, anytime you download free witchcraft spells from certain Internet sites, you never know where they came from – or if they are even any good).

I’ve explained how Magick works in a previous section. Everything in the universe (even you) is made up of hidden energy. Imagine it as a Magickal force that surrounds everything in circular patterns, whisping and darting through every object.

Casting a spell (to find love, for example), or a ritual to bring protection is an attempt to send out and control this Magick energy to bring the outcome you desire.

A successful spell is simply the right “chain reaction” of energy that brings about your stroke of good luck, fortune, wealth, whatever it may be.

The chain reaction itself is very complex, but the act of casting a spell to begin this chain reaction is simple – anybody who truly believes has the power. If you don’t believe in something with full emotion, you won’t send out any energy, not even a spark.

To control the Magick energies within and around you through witchcraft – you must have courage, belief, discipline, dedication, will, and desire to control them and bring you the results you want.

And once you have cast your spell, and sent your energy out into the ether – you must let go of the spell. Don’t dwell on it, and allow it to work. For example, let’s say you cast a spell to open the doors of love and romance in your life.

If you wake up every morning (and all through the day) waiting, and constantly obsessing about who you are going to meet, and when it is going to happen – you will actual disturb the same energies you sent out to bring love in the first place!

Other than people not truly believing that Magick can bring then all that they desire, the most common reason spells fail is people not “allowing” them to work by obsessing on the results.

Set your Magick energies out into the universe, and let it go. Continue on with your life as you normally do – and your spell will be answered.

Those are the 2 biggest reasons for spells failing (belief, and allowing), but there could be other problems that you run into.

Other factors that effect successful spells are the times of the day, days of the week, planetary alignments corresponding to times of the day, seasons of the year, and many more.

My Witchcraft Academy In-A-Box has a complete list of almost all of the factors that successful Magick depends on. You’ll find out the best days to cast certain types of spells, along with all of the charts you need.

You’ll also be given a checklist to go through whenever you cast a witchcraft spell (even a free one) that doesn’t “work”. You can follow along the steps and discover exactly what went wrong so that you can re-cast it successfully.

There is a lot of explanation that is done in the DVDs that I couldn’t possibly cover on this site, but I will give you an example of a very basic chart you can use to make sure you cast your spells on the right days of the week:

Days of the Week

Each day of the week has an optimum time for different spell energies. Part of this is due to the planetary influences for each day.
Sunday – (Sun – Male Energy) – Best for spells dealing with fathers, authority figures, leadership, money, power, health, happiness, fortune, and hope.
Monday – (Moon – Female Energy) – Best for spells dealing with mothers, divination, fertility, growth, clarity, women’s issues, merchandise, dreams, and theft.
Tuesday – (Mars – Male Energy) – Best for spells dealing with courage, success, sex (lust), violence, competition, conflict, survival, money, leadership, matrimony, wars, and enemies.
Wednesday – (Mercury – Male Energy) – Best for spells dealing communication, thought, wisdom, addiction, psychology, debt, fear, loss, and the arts.
Thursday – (Jupiter – Male Energy) – Best for spells dealing with growth, expansion, business, prosperity, abundance, health, success, big issues, honor, riches, clothing, and desire.
Friday – (Venus – Female Energy) – Best for spells dealing with love, beauty, romance, healing, protection, loyalty, friendship, strangers, trust, and women’s issues.
Saturday – (Saturn – Female Energy) – Best for spells dealing with divination, psychic abilities, the elderly, illness, death, life, end of life issues, binding spells, constrictions, limitations, prisons, infidelity, and protection.

Now that you know some of the basics for witch craft spell casting, I’d like to give you some free witchcraft spells you can try on your own.

Just go here to get them.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. EVAN says:

    my mother is interested on your magic spell i hope he can cast a spell and do magic very well because i have only done it only at that day and there is no effect in me.maybe im not a little bit interested in performing and when you said you need that that ingredients i have not found it like for example jasmine .we dont have this flower.that is why my spell has no effect

  2. Lynne says:

    Powerful spell for financial miracle.I hope you get a sense of what i am going thru,desperate for breakthru immediately.Lotto or powerball something with instant results.

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