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Dear Rose How do I get my 30 year career back, I lost my job through someone’s deep jealousy.i have asked for forgiveness to the universe for a mistake I made. I have never intentionally hurt anyone, this woman is evil. I have a chance to get my job back at an employment tribunal ,but all the odds are stacked up against me. i have been treated grossly unfairly. I need for the judge to be sympathetic , to understand & give me my job & career back. Can you please advise? This is so painful.

Merry Meet Seeker,
It is rather unfortunate that you had to lose a wonderful job in which that you have worked. Along with your attempts to find a new job or get the old job back, also remember to be thankful to the Universe for your good fortune in joining that company where you were treasured and where you were happy and successful until now.
Here is a spell that will target the judge and make her or him friendly and on your side.
Target Judge spell
This spell uses a brown or purple seven-day candle in a clear glass sleeve, friendly judge oil, image of the judge or her signature.
To create the friendly judge oil, grind two parts dried carnation petals, one part anise seed and one part ground cinnamon. Add this powder to a bottle of olive oil to beseech justice and jojoba oil to bring victory and also to act as a preservative. Also add a courtcase root or chip to the oil. If that is not available, add a gemstone such as hematite of bloodstone to the oil.
Step 1: Dress the seven day purple or brown candle with the friendly Judge oil
Step 2: Attach the image or photo copy of the judge (or the signature on a piece of paper)
Step 3: Burn the candle and sit by it chanting, visualizing your goals and affirming the results that you wish as an outcome of this court case.
Brightest Blessings.

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