Full Moon Water

what is full moon waer and how do you make it?

Merry meet Seeker,
The Moon is considered as the ruler of all magical arts. Most of the time, Magick is timed to the phases of the Moon. Spells that are focused on increasing something in life such as joy, health, prosperity are coordinated with a new Moon and spells that intend to reduce something such as ill-health, debt, weight, etc. coincide with the full Moon.
Exposing all magickal tools and items such as crystals and preparations such as potions and essential oils, all are enahnced and empowered by the Moon’s powers. The Moon or Goddess, as she is known has always been connected to women, Ocean and all of the Element Water. Drawing down the Moon is enables us to gather and use all of the Goddess’s energy that is beamed from the heavens. These Moon-infused waters are known to be powerful and can be used instead of holy water in any spell or ritual is considered equal to the powers of iron and mentrual blood!
Full Moon water
For this spell, you will need the following items:
A large jar
Pure spring water
Step 1: Fill the large open mouthed jar with the spring water.
Step 2: Take the jar outside on a full Moon day
Step 3: Place it so that it will reflect the full Moon.
This water is now charged by the Goddess and can be used for all uses in spells. It can subsitute for Holy water, War water, Flower water, Florida water, Blessing water, Carmelite water, etc.
Brightest Blessings

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