i want to know what is going to happen in my life. In the next couple of years

Its anyone’s guess what you are going to experience in the future.

You have two choices. One is to allow destiny alone to take care of your life, the life you chose when you were reincarnated into this life on earth. The second is to use your will to choose your path and guided by destiny, it will bring joy and peace to you and those you love as well as fulfill all the desires that you had come to this world to experience.

Magickal ways of life inspire us to dream and define our goals and to plan them and live as though they are already manifested. For example, if you can dream of what your life will be like in two years, to a detail, then you can plan for it and see how you can make it a reality. It’s easy to dream big, like winning a lottery, for example, but is that going to make you happy in the long run? Winning a lottery usually implies a lot of investment decisions, family decisions and then when the money runs out, what do we do?

So it’s best to dream about using your talents, the ones you were blessed with when you came to this earth. Dream about becoming a musician, a scientist or an artist. Whatever your heart is close to, that is the easiest goal to achieve. If you have talent for it, you are already half way there!

Once you decide where you want to be in 2 years, prepare for it by enrolling in classes, meeting people who will help you in this endeavor and by meditating on your goals everyday. Spells and Rituals help you to focus and reinforce your dreams. Mantras help you concentrate and think clearly if you are following the right path.

Now you know how your future will turn out to be.. However you choose it to be! :)


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  1. Patricia Kelly says:

    when i was a baby i was able to see spirits. well thats what my mom told me anyways. now i cant and i dont know why. but when i was 12 my aunt died. the weird thing was that i knew she was going to die. i dotn know how or why but a year later my grandmother died and i had a feeling that i had to go and see her right then but my parents said tomorrow. she ended up dieing that night. it really freaks me out because i dont know how im doinf it. im almost 20 now and i want to get back intouch with my spiritual self. i’ve had dreams of me hovering above myself n watching myself sleep n then just flying out the door like peter pan or something. where can i get more information? i can also control my dreams still. if i dont like the way its going i change it. is that normal cuz i’ve asked other people about it n they say that im weird. plz help me.

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