Get Love using Black Magic

Im new at this and ive tried other spells..And all of them have been rip offs…I want to know how to control someone with black magic?Like making them love you..And will this work on the same gender as I?I am Male.

Greetings! It seems like you are worried about finding love. When you say that most of the spells have been rip-offs, I assume that you tried some of them and what you visualized did not happen, right? There are many reasons why a spell won’t work. First of all, to get joy in our life, we have to give joy. You may have heard the saying that “to get a friend, we have to first be a friend”. Similarly, we cannot receive or sustain any amount of happiness in our lives unless we are willing to GIVE joy as well. Love is a magickal emotion, one that carries us away to ecstasy. However, Love does not come to those who seek to harm others. Black Magic is certainly in the realm of negative returns. This means that whatever you do via Black Magic can only hurt you. That may be the reason why none of your spells have worked. However, you can go the positive route and get a lot of success with your spells. For that, you will need to change your thoughts to allow others to fall in love with you, without any coercion. If you feel that no one will love you unless they are forced to, then there may be something in our personality or attitude that may need some tweaking to allow others to see you in a positive light. Always be pleasant and loving to others without any thoughts of returns and you will fing yourself wrapped in love. What you do returns to you three-fold. Always do good things for others and never force anyone to do anything via black magic or any other means, and Love will come to you. It doesn’t matter whether the person is female or male, what matters is how genuinely loving you are. And you can start working on that today itself. Hope this helps you attract the love you want in a positive way. Brightest Blessings!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. Jose campos says:

    hello im jose and im 19 i just want to know if black magic could bring me love because i been suffering and called name by girls and i feel rejected by all girl i want to know if its going to work and bring me what i want please help me

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