Gift Horse

I unexpectantly received a check in the mail almost a month ago for close to $3000.00. I was not sure why I received it but I was having some financial difficulties and thought why

look a gift horse in the mouth. I checked to make sure it was a legitimate bank and even tried to verify the funds but the bank would not release that information. I must admit it was against my

better judgement but nevertheless, I deposited the check only to have that “gift horde” turn around and bite me in the rear. The check came back to my bank as stop paid and now my account is over

$2,000 dollars in the hole. I am a single mother with a very limited income. I lost my job back in Oct. 2006 and just found employment again as of Mon., July 9, 2007. No one at either bank is

willing to help me with the situation. With all this being said, I would like to know it this matter will be resolved soon and will I have to come up with the funds on my own to put my account

backin good standings. (if so how do I do that)

Hello there my dear,

It sounds like you need the advice of a banker… or perhaps a lawyer… not a witch….

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