Give me some spells….

please send me some spells including the spell to gain your power thankyou lily-rose

Hello there my dear, So if I understand you correctly, you want me to just give you “some” spells… is that what I am reading? Well, to be rather blunt about things, let me respond by saying, “No.” Magic is not a toy and spells are not like baseball cards to be casually traded back and forth without thought or consideration. If that is what you are looking for, I have heard that there is a very popular card game called Magic that might be right up your proverbial alley. I am more than happy to share spells with people, both here on this site and in my personal life, when they come to me with a real desire to learn the craft and a genuine need for the magic that they are seeking to incant. However I see no purpose in just giving out spells willy-nilly to those for whom this is just a curiosity or novelty. For those I would suggest buying a book on stage magic or card tricks or something along those lines… as they will no doubt be much happier with the results they get from such a source. Unfortunately trying to explain to some people that magic is not what they see in the Harry Potter movies often gets to be more than a little frustrating. Magic is an extension of deep spiritual beliefs. It is connecting with the universe on a metaphysical level and thus affecting change in things around us through a link forged therein by the caster’s force of will and their honest desire… put forth in a manner that it shall harm no other.

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  1. Eunise says:

    I really need a simple spell that does not require alot of stuff to cast it. I’m in a bad situation with money, I give to family and friends and help just about everybody, yet I never get anything in return,I don’t give for that reason either.I just wish someone or something would help me for a change.

  2. Lily says:

    i feel the same way like i put out so much good and i only get bad from the world
    i just would like something so i don’t have to struggle so hard to get by
    i am down and out and wouldn’t know where to go to get the candles and other stuff needed for a lot of spells nor do i have the money
    i feel like i am cursed and cannot be happy

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