My whole life has been very dissappointing! Everybody hurts and screws me over, i always try to do the right thing, but it backfires everytime. I have wasted many years following god and his stupid rules, and i feel like i am being punished for trying to be a good person. I dont really have any friends, and i stand out and dont fit in anywhere! I have to watch everyone else’s dreams come true and be happy and im miserable. Every time i try to make my life better and be happier it only gets worse. Everybody that has done something horrible to me is living great while i stay unhappy and miserable, i have praid and hoped for things to get better but it never happens. I wondered if you have any spells that could make things not suck, and give those who deserved to get punished whats coming to them?


Wiccans have a rule called the “Threefold” rule. Whatever we give to others, we get it returned three fold. This is true especially when it comes to energy, good or bad.

When you were growing up, did you learn the power of love, the power or compassion or the power or forgiveness? When your friend got a better score in the exams than you did, did you rejoice for him/her or did you feel angry, dejected and sad, all wrapped up in your own woes?

When a neighbor or a relative gained some recognition, did you sincerely congratulate them and join in their celebrations wholeheartedly pouring love and joy into the occasion? Or did you sulk in a corner angry that your life was so miserable, actually taking a big chunk of their joy away because you did not partake in their happiness?

Hope you can understand what I am hinting at. Our energy is exactly what comes back to us. If you are comparing others who are happier than you are in spite of “….” (fill in the blanks) then you are actually comparing something (happiness) that we cannot measure or compare.

What we put forth comes back to us means that we have to be a friend before we can get a friend. We have to be a lover before we can be loved. We have to GIVE before we can GET! NO Ifs, Ands or Buts! :)

By GIVING, again, we cannot measure our amount to another’s , we cannot compare our love to others or our fate to others..

How do we turn around this thought process that actually is hurting you so much! GIVE, start laughing with others, crying with others, sharing with others WITHOUT comparing notes. Hope for happiness for everyone in this world, not just for you. Cry with your neighbor when a child gets hurt or offer to help when a car breaks down.

The next time you feel angry with God, think of what you have done for others recently. Think of all the people you could’ve helped, a child in need of tutoring or a ball game, an elderly person who could’ve used your help to cross the road, your own family who may be in need of money or assistance.

They say that the actions that bring the most GOOD for us are the ones which we do for people we may NEVER see again. That is the real essence of GIVING. And only through giving will happiness come back to you.

Have a Blessed life!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

6 Responses to “Happiness”

  1. shiin says:

    dear rose,
    i truly agree with ur points of view.
    it is true that we must give before we get.
    and,hope that u can keep ur good job on.
    bless be

  2. saya says:

    dearest rose,
    i just loved ur way of makin the buddy understnd that wat exactly witchcraft is all about……..i understand that it is surely not a way to make others punished or making others life miserable if we want ours to b blessed.loved ur note …….

  3. teree says:

    kinda funny All i do is help others and karma was my belief-i dont borrow but lend alot-fix stuff-take u wherever I ask nothing but respect-and my motto was “NO GOOD deed goes unnoticed” BUT I have the worst LUCK its actually a JOKE w/me-i do a good deed & wait for my car to break-i got let go of a job & evicted becuz of it. Its a weird world and I do no some major asses that are always winners. I got a couple off drugs-found my kids dad for her-I get cancer(family w/no history) and my car dies AND no MONEY the IRS wcnt aknowledge they owe me? i keep hoping my next life is better EVEN my kid isnt reaping-her love is a major looser SHE cant see for some reason (Aquarian?)Think i’ll look for a eye opening spell.Be GOOD i stil am no matter what?haha

  4. kathy says:

    I really like reading your responses to the questions here. you give some great explanations and advice. Keep it up. And goodluck with your bike race.

  5. Martita says:

    Dear Rose,
    We are human been and sometimes we make mistakes even without meanning it Do you think that we should be punished for it?
    I do believe in giving it is not necessarelly
    materally what I do is for ex;when I go to the mall and I do see usually old people like me sitting and looking without seeing I do star a light converation and do not depart untill I do see them smile then I do go myself whit a warm hearth and one smail in my face. simple but make me feel better.

  6. Deborah Nelson says:

    I would also add, do a gratitude list. This list will show you how much God has already done for you. So you don’t have everything, no one does. I have a friend who is a millionarie. She also has gone through cancer twice and a car wreck that broke her back.I pray for her all the time. So I am not rich. But I am blessed and loved.
    merry meet.

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