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yes ia am a member of yours i bought your courses but i need special help … i have neighbors that have no respect for my property and will not stay out the harrasment is ongoing verbally and etc i need a spell to keep them off my property and out of my life my family an i just want left alone what can i do to keep them out thank you you have been esp kind and gracious and i know you can help……..

Merry Meet Seeker,
I am sure it is very disturbing to have neighbors who have no respect for your property. However, remember that what we give to others will come right back at us three-fold. So do not, for any reason, hurt them in any way. It would be nice if you could use the help of a neighborhood association or local housing authorities to help both parties to come to a consensus on how to live peacefully. Instead of working on a spell to get these abusive neighbors OUT, why not focus on your own home and work on a less intrusive but effective spell.
Happy Home Spell

Benzoin is a resin that is found in counties like Sumatra and Thailand. This resin was the favorite of ancient Egyptians who used this as part of an incense blend which they named “Joyful”. As this incense permeates the area, people become relaxed and benevolent under the aura of this fragrant, lingering aroma. Benzoin is also believed to reduce depression and also has the power to remove malicious spirits around the neigborhood .

In addition to burning benzoin, you may also make Joy and Laughter Oil by mixing essential oils of orange, lime, sweet orange, pink grapefruit to a half bottle of jojoba oil.

Dress candles with this Joy and Laughter oil and soak cotton balls in this oil to carry around with you while you walk around the neighborhood.

Brightest Blessings

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