Happy Times Spell

I am recently remarried, but my husband pays his ex wife almost 1/2 of his salary. In fact, with the alimony, she made more than he did last year. We are choking -I don’t want to cause her any harm, I just want her to stop asking for alimony so we can live in peace

Merry Meet Seeker,
Of course, it is such a shame that your husband has to pay his ex one half of his salary. You may be able to find a good lawyer and make him understand that your family life is in trouble. Yes, I am glad you do not want to cause her any harm even though she is making life miserable for you and your loved ones.
Here is a spell that will give you more happy times and may be somehow increase your income.
This spell will enable you to enjoy life and remember the happy times you had. Also, this spell will get you to a space where you don’t have to worry about everything and can enjoy life without worries.
One thing you need to remember is to meditate and always visualize your life as being happy. Negative thoughts and memories can easily destroy our own happiness as well as hurt others. If we hurt others, the Universe reciprocates immediately. In life, people go through cycles where we get a lot of money and then have times when we don’t get that much. Whatever the situation, we need to be on the same, balanced ground, always!
Happy Times Spell
For this spell you will need strawberry leaves, vanilla bean and an orange.
Step 1: Dry the strawberry leaves, vanilla bean and orange zest.
Step 2:Grind it all into a powder
Step 3: Take this powder in a plate or in your pockets and sprinkle it all around the boundaries of your home. Make sure that you also sprinkle it behind door, corners, etc.
Step 4: Visualize your joy and peace that is yours.
Brightest Blessings

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