Has someone crossed me?

I want to know if someone has crossed me in any way.And what to do to rid myselfl of a crossed condition

I think you are confusing the terms crossed and cursed.

Someone crossing you means that they are acting counter to your wishes, needs, etc. To most of us, this happens almost every day. Often without meaning to, because they have other interests, people act counter to your needs. These people do nto necessarily wish you harm, they are simply trying to do what is best for themselves.

Someone cursing you is a different matter entirely. First, know that most true Wiccans do not believe in curses and would never use them against someone. It is possible that someone dabbling in the craft, who doesnot understand the underlying principals and Faith might attempt to curse you, but those people are NOT Wiccans.

In themost obvious sense, you should not do anything about it. People who commit this kind of act agaisnt the Faith get taken care of by the universe.  A tenet of the Wiccan Rede is that whatever you do to others comes back to you threefold. So, if someone did attempt to curse you, know that it will be three times worse on them for even tryingto do it.

And, often the idea that we are cursed is much stronger than any magic that might have been placed upon us. Look at it this way, if the person attempting the curse did not know enough to know that it was a horrible idea and a bad thing to do, they probably didn’t know enough to do it right. So, the biggest threat of any curse they mgiht have cast is the fear of the curse.

A purification and protection spell can help you feel better and ease your fears about a curse, but the best thing you can do is let the Universe take care of it and go on about your life.

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  1. Francisca says:

    Am i cursed because everthing was fine between me and my man and all of a sudden it was over

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