Have I inherited my grandfather’s powers?

i use to do tarot reading just for fun and onley for friends and then something bad had happened so i put them away but i cant help but feel that there is something different about me always has been like magic is in my blood my grandfather was a HEALER and there has always been talk about family members with the second sight my grandfathers people hailed from scotland during the druid period so my question is is it possible that i could of inherit the family gifts or maybe curse

Merry Meet Seeker, I am so glad to hear that you are so gifted. When we begin work in Witchcraft (or anything new) we sometimes make mistakes. Life is full of people who make mistakes because making mistakes are the ways by which we grow. Anyone who doesn’t make a mistakes is sitting at home, doing nothing! :) It is not easy to read Tarot cards and you should appreciate and grow that gift your forefathers left you. Yes, you could have inherited your grandfather’s powers. His spirit may be around you and helping you too. So do not give up on this beautiful gift. With practice you will get it right 100% of the time. Learn more about Tarot and practice with your family members and friends who will understand if you make mistakes initially. Just as a child learns to walk by falling down repeatedly and getting up soon after, you will learn to work in the magickal arena only if you are determined to succeed. And I feel that you have it in you to succeed, of course! There are many good books on Tarot in Occult shops around your home as well as on the Internet. Just google and find out more about Tarot as well as other magickal subjects. Witchcraft is an awesome way to live. We can help other people, animals and spirits as well as the rest of the environment with our powers. While big companies destroy the environment (a huge pertroleum company in the gulf, for example), it is up to us to help preserve and protect our surroundings by replenishing the plants and trees as well as using or abusing as little of this beautiful World as we can. Enjoy your powers and use it to help others and yourself. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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