Help me – my world is falling apart

My world is falling apart I am 14 years old.I live with my mom and sometimes I get to see my dad,I go to school and I’m really smart and get my work done but I face so many problems.For starters I look up to you and I admire you alot,my family dont have much money or anything I mean theres enough food for my brothers, sister,aunt,mom and I our house isnt the worst but its so hard for us to keep everything paid.I babysit everyday day in and day out I love my family to death but its so much pressure.I try to be what they want me to but I always fail and the worst part is my boyfriend-Stephen is all the way in england,united kingdom and I’m in florida he’s like my comforter and he helps me through all my problems but latley we’ve been drifting due to distance but we still are like soo deeply in love but it hurts us both how far away we are and I slice at my wrist like a maniac and sometimes cant control my actions I want to take the pain away and make it all better I really want to buy your magic courses and books and everything but I have no money at all I work so hard for nothing at all.I cry alot not around people but sometimes I awake in a huge puddle of tears I have written a book in hopes of getting it published but I keep getting rejected and my life is just nothing

I can imagine the pain you carry on your shoulders. At fourteen, you should be a carefree teenager more interested in making friends and enjoying life. Yes, in a few years, if you study and do well in school, your life will be very different. It may be difficult to visualize all that joy that you will have in a few years. Sometimes our hormones tell us the wrong things. Ever remember the saying “my blood boils”? It just means that our emotions get the better of us. There is no real advantage getting upset over anything. As we get older, we realize that life will take its course. A person who seems like a millionaire may not have a penny next year. And a person who thought that they had no hope for life can find themself in love, ready to marry and maybe even have kids! So our most important goal is to keep our mind calm regardless of what is going on around us. I hope you will do that because I see a bright future ahead of you. Your focus in life should be in school and when you get a job you will have enought money to buy all the books you want. Slicing your wrist is not good. No good witch will do that because it drains energy from our body and spirit. If you wish to be a witch, you have to be strong. All our lives we are faced with challenges which prepare us to bigger and bigger experiences. If you hurt yourself because you cannot get somethin you want, life will be very difficult indeed. So make a vow to NEVER hurt yourself again. In a few years, your life will change. So look forward to that beautiful, independent life where you will have lots of money and make decisions that affect you (and your boyfriend). Hang on and don’t lose hope. Be strong for yourself and your family, okay? Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Hello sweetie,
    When I read your post, I knew I had to respond. Baby, I grew up without money as well, times were very tough, my parents divorced when I was 9 and my whole world crumbled apart. My mother always done the best she could, for that I was very fortunate to have my Mother. Baby, I was so ashamed of the way we lived because we had no indoor plumbing, we lived in a shack, barely had food, sometimes we didnt even have electricity, yet I survived. I am now a 37 year old mother of 4 children, and to be honest looking back those times I struggled in life were also the very best times of my life, it taught me respect for other less fortunate people, it taught me compassion, it gave me strength, but most of all I had my families LOVE! The things that I went through as a child has made me a better person because of it. I NEVER think I am better than anyone else, I always help those in need. I believe that what you are going through shall pass but it will make you stronger and more special for the experiences you are going through. Please keep your head up sweetie, and know that this shall pass. Stay positive baby, stay strong, and you shall overcome this victoriously. You don’t need money to be happy, yes money is nice for materialistic things but the most important things in life are free, sitting around a campfire reminising with your family, laying under the stars at night, you have all natures beauty to surround you and it is free love.Stay focused, stay positive and trust me you shall reap the rewards:-) I am not sure how others feel about it, but as for me, I see it as a way of in the future using you and your experiences to help others. I believe there are reasons to everything we go through in life, and yet the choice is up to us as to how we deal with it. You are much stronger than you think baby:-) I believe in you:-) As for your situation with Stephen, if it is true love even the distance can not detour the love, however hard it may be for this point and time sweetie, somehow someway you have to believe everything will work out the way it is supposed to. Just remember that if things between the two of you don’t work out and you are unable to overcome the distance, atleast you had him in your life, and because you did you gained alot from it. Try to always see the good baby, even when things look their worst, if you look hard enough you can always find the good:-) With love Michelle

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