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i am in lov with this person, a friend of mine, same college and so so first question, can u give me any info on this friend, (just to make sure) second, how can we get in touch, we meet at college and so, but i mean gt in touch magicaly

Hello there my dear, Well, seeing as how I do not know you, nor do I know this unnamed other person with whom you may be in love, it would be very difficult for me to give you any information about them… much less tell you how to get in touch with them, magically or otherwise. Unless you have found some extrasensory means of communication, I would suggest looking said person up – possibly via an online directory service or something of the like – and then finding a means of communicating with them. My primary suggestions for said communication would be telephone or e-mail… assuming that you do not just want to meet with them in person and talk the old fashioned way. But, having read through your question, I have one of my own for you. Do you even really know this person with whom you have decided that you are in love with? You say that they are a friend, but it does not really sound like you were really all that friendly if you need someone else to give you information about them and do not know how to contact them. Part of actually falling in love (as opposed to the chemical attraction of lust) is the process of getting to know someone on a very deep, very personal level… building a connection and developing trust.

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