Hex-Breaker Spell

I was told that some one had put a curse on me when i was 13 could you please tell me or find out how to be done with it?? Please Thankyou sincerly Melissa Riley

Merry Meet Melissa Riley,
It is indeed unfortunate if someone had put a curse on you at that sweet young age. However, do not worry now as we have ways to remove the hex and allow your life to bloom in many ways in the future. It is best not to focus on the hex or even believe that the curse that someone put on you is still working. These curses have a way of disappearing after a while, especially if you are into helping others and doing good karma whenever you can. Giving help to others, offering money when people are short of it, buying a lunch for a hungry and poor person and many other things like that will enable people to get rid of hexes that may or may not be put on us.
Here is a spell that will break any hexes on you:
Hex-Breaker Spell
For this spell, you will need the following items:
Shampoo, sea salt, hair conditioner, essential oil of rosemary and ylang ylang.
Step 1: Get in the shower and moisten your head with warm water.
Step 2: Blend powdered salt and hair conditioner and make a paste.
Step 3: Add the essential oils of rosemary and ylang ylang to the paste.
Step 4: Using this paste, scrub your scalp gently.
Step 5: While scrubbing your scalp, visualize all of the hex disintegrating and leaving you.
Step 6: Continue scrubbing for 7 minutes or more.
Step 7: Rinse well
Step 8. Now your hex is broken.
Brightest Blessings Melissa Riley.

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