Hoe do I protect my grandchildren?

Rose, my ex daughter inlaw has taken up with a bad bad man. he is a user and seller of meth and he is a woman beater. he served 6 years in prison because he beat his wife so bad he left her for dead. he has my ex daughter inlaw so intimidated that she is turning against everyone. she has 4 children my grandchildren and i feel they are in danger he told my 7 year old grandson he was going to bust his face. i could call child protective services but if they remove them from the house i my lose them too. because im not able to raise them myself. i have begged her to get him out of their lives but all that got me was leave us alone. i do not want to harm anyone but i do want him out of my grandchildrens life before he hurts them. is there some kind of go away or stay away spell that can help me? thanks desperate in louisiana

This may be the hardest thing I have ever told someone, but it is very important that you listen to me and listen now. I know that you are devastated at the thought of losing your grandchildren.And I know that makes this even harder, but you MUST call child protective services on these people today.

The Lord and Lady have already chosen a way to protect these children and that is through you. You still have the free will to take the option or not, but you have borne witness to the actions of this man. You know that he is violent and is already threatening your grandson. Meth makes people more violent.

Furthermore, just the chemicals involved in making meth are hazardous to a child’s health and I know you would never want anything to happen to those children. The Lord and Lady know you love them and would do anything for them, even  cause yourself the horrible pain of having to live without seeing them for awhile, but knowing that they are healthy and safe. Though being unable to see your grandchildren will be horrible, it is much better than some of the alternatives.

When you call Child Protective Services, talk to someone there about grandparents’ rights. More and more states are taking action to protect the rights of grandparents and the fact that you are so self-sacrificing as to turn them in, knowing what it could mean to you, should mean a lot to yor case.

The important thing is you are the way to protect these children and you need to do what is best for them no matter how much it hurts you.


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  1. Jan says:

    I have guardianship of my seven year old grandson. This child has post traumatic stress disorder, everyone that he loves has left him, and although he knows that I am always there this child does not seem to know what love is. I asked him this evening if he knew how much I loved him and his reply was “I know that you don’t hate me.
    I keep in close contact with the school that he attends and his teacher stated that he was upset a few days ago and cried for a long time stating that no-one loves me.
    I’m sure he was thinking about mom.

    I just don’t know how to get through to him.

    His mom has not been calling him, her boyfriend slaps him and abuses him, and I have not allowed her to take him when he is around.

    I am lost. I want so much for this child to do well in life, despite what he has been through.

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