Honey Words Love Potion Spell

Hi! Um I would like to ask if there is a love spell to attract your crush,or whoever you are intrested in? I need you to answer this before May, because after that I’ll have to wait for 2 months (Due to personal reasons) It would be great if you could get this done REALLY soon.. Blesed be, Sam

Merry Meet Sam,
You may work on the following love potion spell. However, do not try to force your crush to come to you. Invite her to your home and have a good time anyway.
Honey Words Love Potion Spell
For this spell, you will not need many items. All you need is a jar of honey, some red wine and two wine glasses. Simple spell, isn’t it?
Step 1: Invite your crush to come to your home. If you are not good friends yet, ask some of her friends to join in too.
Step 2: Select the wine so that you can be confident that they will enjoy it.
Step 3: Prepare the wine glasses and keep them ready.
Step 4: Select one of the wine glasses and set aside.
Step 5: After washing your hands, dip your finger in the honey jar and write your desires inside the cup lightly so that no one will notice it.
Step 6: When the guests arrive, offer them snacks and wine. Pour wine into all of the wine glasses.
Step 7. Remember to hand over the special “messenger” wine glass to your crush.
Step 8. That’s it. When your crush drinks from it, the deal is done. Now all you have it to wait for results.
Brightest Blessings.

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