How can have faithful and good friends?

Hi Rose, I’m a fourteen years old boy. I live in Mauritius and also i am currently studying in a college. I don’t have good friends. Sometimes they behave right with me and sometimes not. They make as if i’m a toy to them. They come to me only if they are in need of something like money for example. I’m very lonely Rose- no one comes to me when i need support. I’ve never wanted something bad for them, despite of that they bull me, they do not support me and sometimes when i give a sweet smile they say” Look, he gets attraction with boys.”, meaning they want simply to tell that i’m a gay. So is this the results of being good? Rose, i know that you get lots of emails worldwide and i understand you. I just want to ask you if you can please give me a friendship spell and also a type of spell that can make them stop bullying me, so that i get lots of faithful and good friends. Thanks Rose May the blessings of the Great God and Goddess be always with you.

Merry Meet Seeker,
It is wonderful that inspite of your friends sometimes are mean, you still know that being kind and loving is the only way to live. Teenage years are very difficult for most people. At that age, we feel very frustrated one day and at the top of the world on the next day. Our hormones are changing so rapidly that we have no idea what to think, when to act and what to say, etc. That is why your friends behave like that. You, of course, are much more mature than them and so all you have to do is to be patient. As boys pass the age of 18 or so, they calm down a little as they realize that as adults there is so much responsibility that comes over them and that they will have to leave their “nest” very soon.
Most children know that the life outside of their circle can be tough to handle. You already know how to be strong, mature and loving regardless of what your friends think of say. In reality, those people who criticize you or make fun of you are still in their teenage phases where they find joy in hurting others.
To find good friends, go to a place where people are naturally kind and loving. Join a group that feeds the homeless of hungry, for example. Or get a part time job at a place where rescued animals are rehabilitated. Only loving and mature people go for activities like that where the only remuneration is pure happiness.
There may be many other places where you can find a part time job when you are 15 or so and it won’t be very far when the same friends that made fun of you will come to you for advice. Always know that you are successful in whatever you do.
Brightest Blessings.

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