How can I achieve a good knowledge in Witchcraft?

hi rose i quite eager to achieve a good knowledge in witchcraft magic. About me my name is Arun, from india. DOB is 25-11-1986. so how can i ?

Merry Meet Arun. I love to hear from young men and women who are interested in living the natural way of Witchcraft. It helps to know that our planet will be safe and our environment will be preserved by caring generations in the future. You live in India, a place where witchcraft has already been practiced for over thousands of years. You may have been to ceremonies called “poojas” where you see the priest or family member sit by an altar offering flowers, milk, ghee and flowers to a deity. Sometimes a fire is lit to represent the deity. At other times most of the items and people are cleansed by a shower of water or milk. Many of the rituals you see in Indian ceremonies have their roots in ancient Witchcraft. Arun, it will be easy for you to learn spells because most of your Vedas have a lot of chants and hymns that are actually rooted in witchcraft, Nature had such a powerful impact on Vedic rituals although no one knows for sure if the Aryans came into India or they originated in India. The Dravidians who are now believed to be the original natives of India were nomadic gypsies who migrated to other parts of Europe and spread their beliefs and rituals to other groups they encountered. They were already aware of the power of nature through Ayurveda and other herbal therapies. They saw the world as ONE. So you have to just look around you and you have all the tools you need to learn witchcraft. Meditation helps strengthen and concentrate your mental processes while yoga helps relax your physical body while maintaining all the organs in peak condition. Take each mantra at a time (for example Gayatri mantra) and try to understand the meaning of each stanza. Most of the mantras were originally written to explain the Universe. Wherever you see the term “God”, you can substitute the “Universe” and you will find iall the mantras very inspiring. So in a nutshell, Arun, this is how you acquire a good knowledge of Witchcraft. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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