How can I assure my admission to the university of my choice?

Hey! I have just finished my high school and have applied to universities please tell me how i can get into the university i like and the program i am interested in. Please tell me something that i can do and which is free of cost. Thanks.

Merry Meet! Congratulations on finishing high school! You have also applied to multiple universities? Excellent. I am sure you are anxiously waiting to hear from them. You are correct. There are many things we can do to assure our seat in the university that we prefer. I am sure that when you filled in your application, you visualized studying there, meeting the professors, writing exams and smiling when you hear the results, etc. What you will need to do is to repeat this and a few other positive affirmations everyday. In the morning, after a good bath, try burning an incense stick. Sit in front of the altar if you have one, or in any private, quiet room in your home (outdoors is excellent too!) and meditate on what you see as your future. Think positively and always know that your deepest desires and your consistent imaginative powers will be rewarded. If you find yourself worrying about getting into a certain university, remember that whatever scenario you focus on will happen. So change your thoughts as soon as you are aware of the fact that your mind is filled with negative thoughts. Start your meditation in the morning with the image of your acceptance envelope from that university. See yourself opening it, reading it and jumping with joy! Go through the process of what you would tell your parents and family and how you would convey to your friends the good news. If you have some lingering doubt about this process, remember that miracles do happen everyday! Trying to forget all about this admission process will not help either. You have to consistently meditate and visualize that University (visit the campus often if you can and visualize studying there on their very grounds! (truly powerful!). Make sure that you find out more about this university and think about it more often than the other universities you have applied to. Try to reach out on MySpace or FaceBook, etc and find students who are studying there. Find out more about their activities and lifestyle and imagine you doing the same. Brightest Blessings.

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