How can I attract the one I love?

Hi, I really like this one guy. And i don’t want to go too fast toward him. However, we are good friends. I just want to know if there is any chance that he would fall in love or have feelings towards me. His name is Senthooran, Date of Birth : October 1, 1985. My name is Biruntha Date of Birth : May 21, 1988. Please let me know if this is a relationship that can occur between us sometime in the future. Thanks, Biruntha.

Merry Meet Biruntha, I am happy to hear that you are good friends with the person you wish to have a relationship with. It is always an advantage to know the person well before you get serious about each other. Here is a spell that you can work on to aid in this goal: Rose Love Beads Spell For this spell, gather a lot of rose petals, about four cups full. Grind them with a mortar and pestle until they form a paste. Take a small portion of this paste and roll it between your fingers to make a small bead. While you roll the rose paste into a bead, visualize how having a relationship with Senthooran will be like. Concentrate on your attraction for him and with each bead that you make, whisper a petition for your continued friendship for each other to change to love in the near future. Place each rolled bead on a screen which will allow the beads to dry well on all sides. When they are almost dry, use a needle to pierce each bead and string them to make a large garland. Visualize your heart pierced with love when you make a hole in each bead. String the beads on a red silk cord for best effect. Wear it or place it over your bedpost. If you don’t have a bedpost, hang it somewhere near your bed so that it will be near you when you go to sleep. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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  1. javier says:

    hello me and my ex were together for alittle over 3 years. she started seeing someone 2 months ago. I believe if the guy leaves her she will come back to me. i know the guy is not good for her. she does alot of things that she never used to do, in a bad way. she is always in some type of danger with him. I believe he is still with his ex but is playing both of them. is there a safe spell that can seperate them. I believe i can take care of her better than anyone. can u help him find his ex attractive again to the point where he goes back with her and my ex to me? thanks

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